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Introduction of company


Today's kitchen is no longer simply a workplace for preparing food, it has become a central family living space as well as stages for communicating and entertaining family and friends.

  In a world of fast pace where time for gathering together within family member and friends become less and less, entails kitchen to play a more and important role in family life and and a place for socializing with friends. Euromax, with its kitchen speciality in design and manufacturing high end custom made kitchen and cabinetry for more than 20 years worldwide, has always been puting its endless efforts to feel the pulse of the trend in life style and meet this challenge by combining both high aesthetic demands as well as to embrace the life styles of tomorrow. That's why at Euromax, product development is strongly influenced by our vision of the future. Our collections, both modern and classic, reflect this approach while encompassing a wide range of designs to suit great variety of life styles and design challenges. "Integrating life with art and form" is our design philosophy. Our modern collection reflects the most cutting edge trend in life style with emphasis on aesthetics, individuality, ergonomics, functionality and self-expression by using the most updated innovative materials such as melamine, laminate, designed veneer, acrylic, high tech thin glass, stainless and metallic aluminum and most innovative hardwares!

  Our traditional line is always trying to blend the nature beauty of the wood and craftsmanship, design elements, speciality finish to create everlasting harmonious space for our clients, and they are all custom made to tailor to the individual demand of our cherished customer worldwide.

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