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less is more! It has been the motto in minimalistic design filed of all kinds; but when Applying this motto into kitchen designs, to find a balance between the minimalism and function has always been our focus in our design philosophy, since kitchen, first of all should meet the demand of cooking requirements, is usually the harshest place in our houses. Our modern collections always find a balance point in combining function and aesthetic demand in a harmonious and balance way to create " less is more, but not too less" effect.


Cutting-edge design veneer combined with our ultimate colored glass make this kitchen a dream place.


High-tech glossy acrylic plus acrylic glass and up-to-date LED lighting make this kitchen a desirable kitchen for those yearning european style clients!

Ultimate metallic

The new ultimate metallic collection reflect the minimalism trend in design industry by combining high tech anodized aluminum to make a perfect kitchen for young generation who aspire "cool" life! 



Many years ago, we created a kitchen called 4C by using colored glass participated designboom international kitchen design competition and won the competition. 4C represent Color, Clear, Clean and Communication! This new generation of high glossy glass kitchen made out of 2mm semi-tempered high tech glass bring this 4C philosophy design to an ever higher peak. Our high tech edge treatment made this kitchen a perfect example of minimalistic design piece and a dream kitchen.

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